Pi Deuteron to Break Ground This Summer!

Phase One Soon in Progress; Your Support Needed to Continue with Further Renovations

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I have exciting news to report: Pi Deuteron is in a capital campaign to make some dynamic changes to our Chapter House! If this is news to you, then you, your wife, or your administrative assistant have done an exceedingly good job at filtering out our repeated outreaches.

All kidding aside, I assume you are very familiar with our improvement efforts. After almost two years of discussions and plans, we are finally about to break dirt. We have a very narrow window to do a significant amount of work. Our first priority is to get the house move-in ready when school commences in August. Some of our exterior work may extend into the school year, but our goal is to be complete by Stag Pig on October 30th. Stag Pig is always a great event, but with these significant capital improvements, it will be even more exciting this year. Please make an effort to attend and inspect your improved Chapter House.

Further compounding the chaos at the convergence of Louisiana and Edgehill Road is the fact that the Phi Delts are also undergoing a multimillion dollar remodel of their 26-year old house this summer. I mention this only to reinforce the dynamic landscape for top KU fraternities. It is essential for our success and even existence that we continue to improve. The work this summer is fundamental to that ongoing improvement effort.

Much has been made of our capital work this summer, and rightfully so. It will fundamentally change the living experience at Phi Gamma Delta. However, there is still work to be done beyond this summer. The second and third floors, largely untouched this year, will be renovated in the next couple of years. Improvements to the parking lots, including the possibility of an expanded lot to the east, remain on the radar. Your House Corporation is committed to improving the structure to ensure we are among the finest housing options in Lawrence.

I have been inspired and impressed by the level of financial support so far. We have raised more than $2.1 million, but we need more support. If you believe, like I do, that a strong fraternity experience is a valuable part of a young man’s maturation n process, then please ensure that other young men—your son, grandson, friend, acquaintance, or anyone completely unknown to you—are given the same opportunity that was afforded to you.

Thanks, again, for your loyalty and support to Pi Deuteron.

Rick Boyd ’93
House Corporation President


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