Construction to Begin in May

Donors Still Needed to Ensure Project Success 

PGD KU Donate-linkDue to the generous support of our brothers and friends, the Mighty Proud campaign and House Corporation are set to begin construction on our renovation in May. To date, we have raised more than $2 million from only about 100 KU FIJI alumni. Help us increase participation significantly to reach our goal of $3.5 million and secure the financial and long-term integrity our home at 1540 Louisiana and Pi Deuteron deserve.

Enhancing and Maximizing the Pi Deuteron Experience
A big goal of ours is to revise the layout with a welcoming and functional first floor and add a fourth floor which will increase capacity to over 90 men. This will allow the House Corporation to have a better cash flow and allow for future maintenance projects without having to borrow funds. We want to prepare for the future by building a performance-based endowed scholarship program and build up a maintenance fund to ensure your investment today is protected in a facility that is attended to regularly. Here are some highlights of the project:

  • Provide a grand first floor that is welcoming and allows for a large group to gather before dinner and for events.
  • Create a freshman experience on a new fourth floor that utilizes the current attic space as a study area with individual desks, sleeping accommodations for 36, and a gathering area.
  • Convert a portion of the basement to single rooms to retain our senior leadership similar to the old basement apartments.
  • Increase occupancy to allow for more young men to experience KU FIJI and for Pi Deuteron to attract young men with diverse talents, which will allow us to increase our involvement and success in various aspects of campus life.
  • Utilize our location by developing the north side, which is a heavily used entry and visible area, by creating a multipurpose outdoor area that will be unrivaled by any of our competitors.
  • Continue the KU and FIJI tradition of basketball dominance by having a basketball court with step seating.
  • Repair parking lots, property lighting, and landscaping for structural durability and aesthetic appeal.

Project Essential for Success
Several fraternities at KU have completed renovations or are in the midst of capital campaigns. Currently, we trail what the Phi Delts, Sigma Chis, and Betas have raised in their recent campaigns. Not to mention the Phi Delts are renovating this summer; their house is only 25 years old and they’re already doing another renovation to remain competitive! We’re behind the curve on this and to ensure we remain competitive at KU, we must reach our $3.5 million goal to fund the project. When we reach this goal, we will surpass these other fraternities.

Continued Support Needed
We want to make sure KU FIJI stays strong. We know that you want to see this as well. In order to start construction, we need everyone to make a pledge. The anticipation from our undergraduates for the renovated and expanded facility is creating excitement and motivation. Let’s give them the tools they need to succeed and enjoy their time in KU FIJI. Our Chapter has a lot to give and teach a young man. Let’s make the experience that much better by providing an updated facility. This facility will greatly improve recruitment and morale, creating a strong and unified Pi Deuteron Chapter.

We would like to see our overall participation really grow, and we ask that you get on board with this campaign. Utilize the enclosed pledge form to commit your support or use our convenient online giving form located at www.kufiji.or. Also visit the website for more information about the campaign. Please do what you can to close the gap to our goal and raise our participation so that we can ensure the future of KU FIJI.

Campaign Chairmen
Kevin F. Mitchelson ’79

Dan H. Lowe ’85


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Total to Date:Our Goal:
$2,085,405.00 $3,500,000.00

As of April 6, 2015 • 109 Pledges to Date

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